Armouries, Pastures and Oasis: What To Send

There are different troops in armouries, pastures and Oasis.  Here is what you need to send to each.  

Armoury (attack buff) -  Send Rams

Pastures (marching speed buff) - Send Heavy Cav

Oasis (Life buff).   Send Catapults

Plains.   mixed troops. 

Also.   Strategy note.   Taking plains around you may be a good strategy to stop opposing alliance porting in near you.   they have to flip the plain first.  they may not want to do that.  Each plain gives one point.


Grail wars

Battlefield lessons are paid for in blood.  With that in mind for us to be successful we need to learn every lesson and refine & polish our strategy.   Learn from our mistakes.   To that end Im listing our tips and lessons learned here so we can all pick up on each others lessons.

  • First thing.   when you arrive you do so un-marshalled.   Be on line when the grail war starts at the minimum to marshal your troops.   If you can't be there at the start its probably best you don't send troops as they will die un-marshalled and we will have to make up that score
  • Buy buffs and ports from the shop.   speeds are good but mostly for your heros
  • Take the armouries and so on quickly.    Work out who is going to take them and coordinate in chat what you are hitting
  • Try to put gear on all your knights you send and forge it at least part way.
  • Fighters port into the enemy and begin zeroing the un-marshalled.  Again coordination is key
  • Try and find out who the alliance you are dealing with is.    look for numbers in their names to identify server.  This makes it easier to find tk score as indicated of their knights strength
  • last 4 or 5 mins turn focus to wonders of the game whilst others keep the opposition chatting in gc
  • we need to know who is going and what your knights and heros are like so coordination before the event is critical
  • if you have weaker knights don't send so many troops
  • Bill found hitting with lower troop number worked so as to make their heros rest then hit with more
  • Try to empty hospital numbers as much as possible before the grail war.   Work on T1 first, then t2, t3 and so on. numbers are what is important not might.
  • Roles need to be assigned in advance and we need to know who will be there and who won't
  • if enemy attack a wonder with all heros we need to attack the enemies city.   So try to be aware of where folk are.   It gives us a good chance to attack with decent kills on that enemy city at its most vulnerable time AND forces hem to withdraw heros and troops from the wonder.
  • We need to set some folk there to coordinate the battle and let folk know who to attack.


Alliance Wars: Armies of Sparta Observations and Strategy

A few of my observations about doing well in alliance wars that may help y'all :)


  1. Send a test hit with about 3k heavy calvary in the beginning.  This will tell you what the opposing knight is like, whether it has high hero and most of all whether and how many imperial guards there are.  If they have a lot of imps don't waste your might any further.  it will give opposing alliances more ratio.  Note an imp is 1 might.  heavy calvery is 24.
  2. Avoid alliances in the top 5 unless your knight and heros are very good.   And bear in mind they like to stack up imps and thats no good for us.  
  3. Good alliances to hit are Blades of honour, stress free, kok mafia and even a bunch in alliances Guardian Kings, Diamonds and Dire Wolves.  With the latter 3 however you might want to check their troop kill scores.  The higher their tk (troop kill) scores the more likely you will be going up against a high knight and some good heros.  Unless you have a decent knight and hero's you might want to avoid those with 1 billion tk or more.   You can check this by looking at the bottom of the screen in city view, clicking on 'Rank' (it has a cup / trophy icon) and then on Might rank, type the persons name then when their name comes up, click the 3rd tab at the top where it says troops killed.  This shows you their all time troop kill score, and the troops they have killed in the last week and the week before.  This will give you some idea as to how experienced they are and how good their knight and heros are.   
  4. Doves do not work.  So don't waste your doves.  When somebody takes an outpost they are loved for a few mins just to reinforce after which folk can hit.   Unless you have a big knight and heros don't bother with this.  
  5. In general don't bother to take outposts to defend unless you have a big knight and heros.  If you take one by mistake then perhaps just put your knight on the square with your best defence knight and your heros and put one swordsman there just to kill something with very little loss.  
  6. We need to check on this next time round but so far after the event ends you get all your troops back.  So just look for as much kill as you can get but try not to give away any more might than you are losing.   We need to maintain ratio.  If you are losing ratio then you are doing more harm than good.  Check this site for a guide to how your hits are doing ratio wise so you get the best shots in.
  7. If you are getting good ratio then the use of speed ups may be very well advised.  This will prevent others getting in on the kill before you!   Remember the weaker alliances will be a target for everybody so try to get in first.